Rules and Regulations



Teams are allowed up to 15 players.

Teams are required to fill the score sheet half hour before their game to avoid any delays.

Proper uniforms with numbers must be worn at all times. There must be no double numbers or you will not play.

-Team may start with 4 players. If at the end of the first half the still has 4 players, then the game called and consider “no contest.”

Games will start as scheduled. If teams have fewer than (4) players ,they will be given a 3 minutes grace period.If at the end of the grace period ,there are still fewer than 4 players, the game will be considered “no contest.”

The opposing team of games considered a “no contest”will be awarded 20 point win.

DEFAULT GAMES: Teams are required to pay half of the referee’s fee on their first defaulted game. Full fee must be paid every offence after.Fee’s must be paid before the next scheduled game.

-Players are to respect all calls by referee’s and league officials.

-Any players trying to intentionally harm another player will be ejected from the game and given one game suspension.Repeat offender will be given three(3) games or entire season.

-Any person trying to physically harm a player, referee,or committee member will be ejected suspended,banned from the league play or all the above and charge in a court of law.

-The committee will not get involved in any referee’s decision,all referee’s decisions are final.

-Committee will not stop the game at anytime unless,a fight occur.

-Anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol are not permitted to play.

-League will not tolerate any behaviour.

ROSTER-team rosters will be “FROZEN”after the start of a team’s first game.New players are not permitted to be added after this point.NO EXCEPTIONS.



All games will be played under current FIBA rules system

There will be two (2) playing halves on every games.

Every half will have a regulation time of 22 minutes (regular season and playoff).

Twenty-four (24) second shot clock to be implemented, adult only.

 Thirty (30) seconds shot clock to be implemented for the younger division.

 – In case of overtime,three(3) minutes extension playing time will be given with one (1) time out each. Second overtime will be two (2) minutes zero time out. Third will be (1) minute zero time out.

  –During the last three (3) minutes of the 2nd half, will be stop time. If, score difference is 15pts or less,  if the score is over 15pts. running time prevails.    

 -Only coach and captain may speak to an officials.


 –There will be two (2) 30 seconds time outs per half.Time out must be requested at the scorer’s table by a coach. Time out will be granted at the next stoppage or score upon.

No time out between throws.



-Schedules for the entire season will be posted at or  on facebook.

-All schedules are subject to change  upon request if, given enough time (all dividion).

-All request must be made to the committee by, email or text (7) days before teams next scheduled game.

-Any other request after  (7) days will not be entertain.

-All schedule changes must be agreed upon teams involve.

-Request may not be granted.

-Only league coordinator can change schedules.


To be eligible to play in the playoffs, a player must play a minimum of 3  regular season. Exceptions are made to players on school teams at any level. These rules does not apply to the younger division.

Format will depend on the team entre.

– All division championship will consist of two (2) 25 minutes running half.



– If the teams are tied,the tie will be broken by:

-Results from the head to head games between the tied games.

– Plus/Minus

-If still tied,Total points between the tied team, in all league games.

-If still tied,coin toss



-Triple teaming is not permitted at any time or it will be an automatic technical foul.Technical foul will be charge to the coach and will count as a team foul.

-Teams are not allowed to double team prior to the ball inbounded. However,once inbounded double teaming on the ball only is permitted.

-Any style or type of defense can be played in all division


-Teams can only press when deficit is lower than 15pts. Team will automatically be charge foul.Technical foul will be charge to the coach and count as a team foul.

-30 seconds shot clock is in effect in all division.

-Coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their player at all time.

-Coaches are also responsible for the behaviour of their spectators.

-Coaches will be spoken to by the referee’s if any rowdy fans. If it continuous, game will be stopped and coaches will be ask to tell the individuals to leave the premises or a technical foul will be charge to the team.